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Family | 90 mins | Rating TBC | 2020 

Dir: Charles Marin Smith | Cast: Luke Treadaway, Anna Wilson-Jones, Kristina Tonteri-Young

This Christmas-themed follow-up to the feel-good crowd pleaser, A STREET CAT NAMED BOB is based on the book by former Big Issue seller James Bowen. The first film told the story of how a stray ginger cat changes the life of Bowen (Luke Treadaway), a homeless London street musician and recovering drug addict. A GIFT FROM BOB looking back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through tough times by providing strength, friendship and inspiration.  

Session Times: 

27th November | 11.30am  

28th November | 6.15pm 

2nd December | 11.30am


Drama, Thriller, Biography | 123 mins | Rating TBC | 2019 

Dir: Charles Marin Smith | Cast: Sarah Megan Thomas, Stana Katic, Radhika Apte 

In the beginning of WWII, with Britain becoming desperate, Churchill orders his new spy agency- the Special Operations Executive (SOE)- to recruit and train women as spies. Their daunting mission: conduct sabotage and build a resistance. SOE’s “spymistress,” Vera Atkins (Stana Katic), recruits two unusual candidates: Virginia Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas), an ambitious American with a wooden leg, and Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Atpe), a Muslim pacifist. Together, these women help to undermine the Nazi regimeint France, leaving an unmistakable legacy in their wake. Inspired by true stories

Session Times: 

29th November | 1.15pm 

30th November | 11am 

5th December | 8pm


Comedy, Drama | 92 mins | Rating TBC | 2019 

Dir: David Freyne | Cast: Fionn O’Shea, Lola Petticrew 

A poignant, honest and funny look at the highs and lows of teenage life where the only way to fit in is to not be yourself, even if this goes against your very being. In the vein of critically acclaimed SING STREET and the Netflix sensation, SEX EDUCATION. Set-in Ireland during the mid-90’s, Eddie and Amber are in the closet about their sexuality and decide to stage a relationship in order to stop everyone speculating. DATING AMBER is a love letter to all those kids who grew up in a small town and who needed to escape in order to be themselves.

Session Times: 

27th November | 1.15pm 

1st December | 11.30am

6th December | 3.30pm


Comedy | 86 mins | M : Offensive Language | 2019 

Dir: Simon Bird | Cast: Monica Dolan, Rob Brydon, Tasmin Grieg, Alice Lowe, Earl Cave

Sue (52), works in a library. Daniel (15), eats crisps and listens to Metallica. This was the summer Daniel was due to spend with his father and his father’s new wife in Florida. But when they cancel his trip at the last minute, Sue and Daniel suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together. Over the course of one long summer, an epic war of wills rages in the unassuming battleground of their suburban home as Sue and Daniel reckon with private tragedies–and pursue their personal passions

Session Times: 

29th November | 5.30pm 

1st December | 6.15pm

5th December | 6.15pm


Drama, Romance | 112 mins | Rating TBC | 2019 

Dir: Thomas Clay | Cast: Maxine Peake, Charles Dance, Freddie Fox 

Set on an isolated farm in Shropshire in 1657. The story of Fanny Lye, a woman who learns to transcend her oppressive marriage and discover a new world of possibility – albeit at great personal cost. Living a life of Puritan stricture with husband John and young son Arthur, Fanny Lye’s world is shaken to its core by the unexpected arrival of two strangers in need, a young couple closely pursued by a ruthless sheriff and his deputy.

Session Times: 

27th November | 6pm 

30th November | 1.15pm 

4th December | 6pm


Action, Adventure | 111 mins | PG : Violence | 1980

Dir: Mike Hodges | Cast: Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow 

Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones) is zapped from Earth into a sci-fi adventure on planet Mongo with his beautiful companion Dale (Melody Anderson). In an attempt to put an end to Ming the Merciless’ plans to destroy the Earth, Flash battles Ming’s goons and declines the advances of the luscious Space Princess Aura (Ornella Muti). With the help of Prince Barin (Timothy Dalton) and Prince Vultan (Brian Blessed), Flash Gordon takes the Ming empire by storm…Although NASA scientists are claiming the unexpected eclipse and strange “hot hail” are nothing to worry about, Dr. Hans Zarkov(Topol) knows better, and takes football star Flash Gordon and travel agent Dale Arden with him into space to rectify things. They land on planet Mongo, where the despot Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) is attacking Earth out of pure boredom. With the help of a race of Hawkmen, Flash and the gang struggle to save their home planet. A brand new 4K restoration approved by director Mike Hodges

Session Times: 

30th November | 5.30pm


Drama, History | 106 mins | M : Offensive Language | 2020

Dir: Philippa Lowthorpe | Cast: Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jessie Buckley

In 1970, the Miss World competition took place in London. Claiming that beauty competitions demeaned women, the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement achieved overnight fame by invading the stage and disrupting the live broadcast of the competition. Not only that, when the show resumed, the result caused uproar: the winner was not the Swedish favourite but Miss Grenada, the first black woman to be crowned Miss World. In a matter of hours, a global audience had witnessed the patriarchy driven from the stage and the Western ideal of beauty turned on its head.

Session Times: 

26th November | 7.30pm

28th November | 8pm


Comedy | 91 mins | Rating TBC | 1975

Dir: Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones | Cast: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Giliam, Eric Idle Terry Jones, Michael Palin 

Monty Python is on a medieval quest in their first feature film Monty Python and The Holy Grail. England 932 A.D and King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table embark on a surreal, low-budget search for the Holy Grail, encountering many, very silly obstacles.

Session Times: 

6th December | 5.30pm


Comedy | 94 mins | Rating TBC | 1979

Dir: Terry Jones | Cast: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Giliam, Eric Idle Terry Jones, Michael Palin 

Monty Python delivers a scathing, anarchic satire of both religion and Hollywood’s depiction of all things biblical with their 1979 feature film Life of Brian. Highly controversial upon its original release and banned in several countries, the film is now frequently ranked as the greatest comedy feature of all time by magazines and media outlets around the world

Session Times: 

28th November | 3.30pm


Drama | 129 mins | Rating TBC | 2019

Dir: Peter Mackie Burns | Cast: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Tom Glynn-Carney, Monica Dolan 

Colm, mid-40s has a comfortable life: a managerial job in Dublin’s docks, two teenage children and a kind, loyal wife in Claire. After the death of his father, a destructive figure, Colm’s emotional life cracks open, and his downward spiral continues when he is made redundant. Drinking heavily and unable to confide in Claire, Colm finds himself drawn to Jay, a 19 year old who dabbles in prostitution. . Their sexual encounters and tentative friendship become Colm’s only solace- but his recklessness puts his family-life at risk.

Session Times: 

3rd December | 11am


Documentary, Music | 102 mins | Rating TBC | 2019

Dir: Swati Bhise | Featuring: Ozzy Osbourne, Liam Gallagher, Chris Martin  

This documentary tells the unlikely tale of how two Welsh farming brothers turned their dairy farm into one of the most successful recording studios of all time. ‘Rockfield’ is an extraordinary story of rock and roll dreams intertwined with a family business’s struggle for survival in the face of an ever-changing music landscape. Featuring appearances from legendary bands who have recorded within its hallowed walls, this film revisits some of the magical moments of musical genius that resulted in some of the best-known songs of our time

Session Times: 

28th November | 11.15am  

2nd December | 6pm  

4th December | 1.30pm


Drama, Romance | 100 mins | Rating TBC | 2020

Dir: Jessica Swale | Cast: Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Penelope Wilton, Tom Courtenay   

A love-story set in the timeless and enchanting world of Summerland; sun-dappled days by the sea over one achingly beautiful summer. Fiercely independent writer Alice (Gemma Arterton)secludes herself in her study: occupied by her work but also profoundly lonely, haunted by a love affair from her past. When spirited young Frank, an evacuee from the London Blitz, is dumped into her care, his innocence and wonder awaken Alice’s deeply buried emotions. Alice learns that wounds may be healed, hope and second chances do exist, and any woman must defiantly be who and what she wants. From Britain’s Olivier Award winning writer/director Jessica Swale, Summerland inspires with daringly honest and contemporary themes–an intensely emotional journey of womanhood and self-discovery, love and friendship.

Session Times: 

3rd December | 6pm

5th December | 1.15pm


Comedy, Crime | 91 mins | G : Suitable for general audiences | 1955

Dir: Alexander Mackendrick | Cast: Alex Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom

This British classic follows the hilarious capers of a group of small-time crooks, taking on more they can handle in the form of their sweet, elderly landlady Mrs Wilberforce. Planning a security van robbery they rent a room from Mrs Wilberforce, concealing their true purpose by posing as a string quartet

Session Times: 

2nd December | 1.15pm 

5th December | 11.30am 


Comedy, Drama | 137 mins | Rating TBC | 2020

Dir: Kieron J. Walsh | Cast: Louis Talpe, Tara Lee, Matteo Simoni, Iain Glen, Karel Roden

Summer 1998-the opening stages of Le Tour de France are relocated to Ireland. Belgian rider Dom Chabol (late 30s) has been one of the best “Domestiques” (support riders) on the Tour for the last 20years. It’s a sacrificial role–setting pace, blocking wind, and providing support to enable the team’s sprinter to victory-winning is not an option. But Dom secretly harbours a desire to wear the yellow jersey-just once before his career is over. 

Session Times: 

28th November | 1.15pm 

3rd December | 1.30pm 

4th December | 11am 


Action, Drama | 120 mins | Rating TBC | 2019

Dir: Swati Bhise  | Cast: Jodhi May, Rupert Everett, Derek Jacobi

Featuring a stellar British cast including Rupert Everett and Sir Derek Jacobi, this tale of women’s empowerment, tells the true story of Lakshmibai, a feminist icon in India and a fearless freedom fighter. She earned a reputation as the Joan of Arc of the East when in1857 India, as a 24-year old general, she led her people into battle against the British Empire. Her insurrection shifted the balance of power in the region and set in motion the demise of the British East India Company and the beginning of the resistance against the ensuing British Raj under Queen Victoria.

Session Times: 

27th November | 8.15pm 

1st December | 1.15pm

6th December | 1.30pm